Frequently Asked Questions

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Clinicians in in-patient hospital settings who want to become LPS Authorized must have at least 18 months of mental health experience, clinicians (licensed or license-waivered) in outpatient settings need at least 6 months of mental health experience prior to becoming LPS Authorized.

LPS Coordinator will provide exam results via email within 2 weeks after testing date.

Live Initial LPS Training is an Instructor Led training that will be held once a month and the testing will be done same day as training. Online Initial LPS Training consists of 3 online lectures that participants may repeat any time. Upon completion of the online training, The Workforce, Education & Training (WET) Division staff will email your exam date and location. Exam will be held in one of the DMH exam sites.

The authority to initiate a Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) application has been granted in accordance to Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 5150 et seq. This authorization extends for up to three years, but is revocable if the authorized individual fails to meet legal obligations as outlined in the LPS guidelines and related county policies.
The LPS Authorization expiration date is provided on the LPS Authorization letter.

You may find your NPI number by visiting the NPI homepage:

Click on ‘Unsubmitted Request’ and select ‘Submitted Request' . Select the drop-down menu and select ‘Edit’ . Update the application, save it and submit the application.